Types of kala jadu according to islamic quranic studies fundamentals

Types Of Kala Jadu 

what are the types of kala jadu?

Answer:  (sihr) consists of two kinds:

1.A kind that occurs through knots, blowing and dangerous potions, and that can be gift.A kind that happens through takhyeel (creating someone picture or perceive something), and also talbees (url) and also tazweer (manufacture), since the Exalted mentioned concerning the magicians of Pharoah, “Subsequently behold, their ropes and their sticks, in their magic, appeared to him as if they moved quickly.” (20:66) and he stated, “And they also shown a fantastic magical.” Hence he regains it as “good” due to what it contains of deception and also making folks picture, perceive items (upon besides the fact).

2.And whoever done magic has dedicated Shirk, whoever participated in magical, since it happens during the worship of their devils (shayaateen) and invoking them, and also because of this, Allaah said, “Sulaimaan didn’t disbelieve, but also the Shayaateen (devils) disbelieved, teaching men magic…” (2:102), and He also said, “But neither of those two (angels) taught anyone (such things) till they had said, ‘We are only for trial, so disbelieve not (by learning this magic from us)’.” So this implies that studying it requires disbelief.
Along with his expression, “Whoever does magical has committed shirk” is just a text which the wizard is a mushrik because he fails to bring his magical with no (committing) shirk since was mentioned by al-Haafidh out of a number of them.
And Shaykh Ibn al-Uthaymeen Stated in al-Qawl al-Mufeed (2/47-48):


(Whoever) is also just a conditional particle, as well as the activity of this affliction will be (does magical) and also the reply to the ailment is always (has committed shirk). And this doesn’t apply to each of magical, because the aim behind (Whoever does magical) is that using satanic routes. In terms of magical through potions and drugs and what’s similar to these, then it’s already preceded he isn’t a mushrik, no matter how the one that does magical during obeying the devils and utilizing them to get what he wants (of targets), then there’s not any doubt that this one is really a mushrik.

various forms of kala jadu | affects on individuals and society:

What are the affects os kala jadu?

Magic is important kufr since it cannot be reached except with shirk, by worship of their Jinn and calling to them besides Allaah, for this reason, He the Sublime said regarding the magic (taken) in the 2 Angels, “Plus they also didn’t teach anyone until they said, ‘Verily, we are a tribulation, therefore don’t disbelieve’. ” And He, the Sublime, stated in these verses, “And indeed they knew that the buyers of it…” meaning magical “…would have no share in the Hereafter” meaning that a portion or allocation, ” He said, “And when they had only believed and shown piety then reward from Allah is better, even if they just understood.”

1.So this implies that magical is the contrary of eemaan (faith) and also contrary of taqwaa (piety), people ask Allaah for pardon.

2.And magical is attained via worshipping the Jinn besides Allaah and seeking nearness to them with suspicions, oaths and what’s like that.

3.Consequently, it’s narrated from him (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) he said, “Whoever performed magical has committed shirk”, and that he (alayhis salaatu wassalaam) said, “Avoid the seven destroyers” and they said, “What exactly are they really O Messenger of Allaah” and he said, “Shirk with Allah, and magic, and killing a soul which Allaah made illegal except with due right, absorbing usury, consuming the riches of an orphan, deserting the battlefield, and also accusing chaste, innocent thinking girls (of lewdness).” It had been reported by al-Bukhaaree and Muslim in the two Sahihs.

4.Hence , he made magic to be the partner of shirk and he put it before killing a soul, since it is oppression, [whereas magic] is in shirk, as it’s worship of their Jinnbesides Allaah, seeking nearness to them together with what they wish (from guys) of invocation, looking for saving, sacrificing of making oath, till they teach him something, so he is one who obeys the devils, since He said, the Sublime said, “They followed what the Shayaateen (devils) gave out (falsely of the magic) in the life of Sulaimaan (Solomon). Sulaimaan did not disbelieve, but the Shayaateen (devils) disbelieved, teaching men magic…” (2:102).

4.Hence he created their teaching of magic to be disbelief and misguidance, we ask Allaah to get pardon. The connection between magic and shirk is therefore clear and all magical (as intended in the Shariah texts) contains shirk and kufr without uncertainty because no magic occurs except through the agency of their devils which itself requires activities that necessitate disbelief and polytheism.Sihr and TaqmeerAnother fatwa also helps in clarifying a misconception and misunderstanding about the magic which is referred to as sihr takhyeeliyy (illusionary magic) .

Types of kala jadu | sihr takhyeeliyy

this is talking to magical done by a magician to influence the sensations of a individual, in particular the eyes, so the person sees what is not so in reality. The reason why it’s called sihr takhyeeliyy is simply because unlike sihr haqeeqiyy (in which an actual real and true physical effect is caused, such as making a individual ill, pain in a limb, causing passing, affecting the mind and causing madness, influencing feelings and feelings in the center to bring about love or hate, union or separation), this sort of magical (takhyeeliyy) is performed on the perceptive faculties to ensure the eyes, mind, imagination see exactly what isn’t there in reality.

So that is charming the eyes. This is not to be confounded with sleight of hand tricks. Refer to Ibn al-Qayyim’s refutation of this deniers of magic in which he addresses this particular problem (see this post), and also refer to Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee’s explanation of this type of magic (inside this informative article here), and also from Shaykh Ibn al-Uthaymeen (within this informative article here).In terms of taqmeer, it pertains to a kind of magic that’s done temporarily upon the sensations of a individual and is used by burglars to swindle, cheat and steal from the others in brief experiences, or even hand to hand transactions, or from magicians to make folks see things upon other than that which they can be, and recently it’s made headlines as it is has been used to juggle kids.

Kala jadu another form of nazarbandi | Act of satan

:Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic has explained in His Mighty Book, and likewise His Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallaam), which magic exists, which magicians exist as well as the devils would be the teachers, they’re the people who train magic, the devils one of the Jinn, they’re the people who teach the devils amongst the guys magic.Magic is done through devilish incantations, amulets (tying of) knots and blowing (upon them), since The Exalted said, “And out of the evil of those girls who blow on knots” (113:4), meaning the female magicians who blow on knots using confounded, incorrect words from which they intend injury upon the one whose magical is being performed.Plus it befalls by way of takhyeel (making to view something which isn’t there), as He said the Exalted said, “It had been made to seem to him, by their magic, that they (the ropes and sticks) were moving quickly.” (20:66). Hence , they create a person to perceive (with the vision of their eyes) that the ropes are living as well as the sticks are alive, so the dog is truly another species, or the cat is another species and so forth.

kala jadu sher tameer | black magic evil eye |kala jadu in islam

This (magical) is called taqmeer  from the common-folk, meaning they bewitch the eye, even as He the Mighty and Majestic said, “When they threw, they bewitched the eyes of their people, and struck terror into them, and they displayed a great magic” (7:116) and they bewitched the eyes of the people, meaning that they deceived them until a man would look at some thing upon other than just how it had been and would picture other than what is known (to be so), on account of the deception which has been played on the eyes, until the folks think the sticks and ropes, due to the magicians of Pharoah, they also believed they (the ropes and sticks) were alive and believed.

1.They were mammals, as well as the wizard takes away from the devils, the Exalted said, “They followed what the Shayaateen (devils) gave out (falsely of the magic) in the lifetime of Sulaimaan. Sulaimaan didn’t disbelieve, but also the Shayaateen (devils) disbelieved, teaching men magic.

2.that is the way He, the Sublime and Exalted explained, and then He stated, “and these things that came down to the two angels…”, meaning , they’d teach them what was sent down to the angels, “at Babylon, Harut and Marut, plus they didn’t teach anybody…” meaning the 2 angels, Harut and Marut, “till they stated…” to the apprentice, “Verily we are a tribulation, so don’t disbelieve” .

3. Meaning that the individuals were set to trial by means of the 2 angels, therefore (they said) don’t disbelieve by becoming engaged with magical. This proves that being participated with magic is disbelief after faith and apostasy after Islam, as soon as a man or woman is a Muslim man, since he fails to arrive at such magic except after worshipping the devils, seeking nearness to them during sacrifice and making oath, seeking rescue out of them and prostrating to them and also what’s similar to that.

Hence the magician becomes a disbeliever, apostate with thisparticular, due to him engaging with the devils with that which is from the (exlusive) right of Allaah, of worship, and also for that reason He stated, “And they also did not teach anyone until they stated…”, meaning that they would advise him until they said, “Verily we are a tribulation, so do not disbelieve. However, they learned from these both…” meaning from Harut and Marut, “that in that to would separate a man from his wife” meaning they would learn from the 2 angels incidents of magic where they’d deceive the husband and wife till he’d believe his wifes condition has worsened and her character has changed (for the worse) and thereby begins to loathe her and then divorces her.

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